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Best Home Services: 24-Hour AC Repair

Fort Myers, FL residents trust BHS to make sure their air conditioning is as high-quality as their Fort Myers home deserves. Whether you call Florida your permanent home or you come here to escape the bitter cold up north, keeping your air conditioner running is critical. Air conditioning is a must, even during the winter months. BHS has all the tools to ensure your air conditioner functions properly. When something smells funny, or you hear clanking, it’s time to call us for AC repair services. And if your air conditioner is approaching its expiration date, get ahead of the curve by contacting BHS for air conditioner installation.

Four AC Repair Tasks Fort Myers, FL Residents Can Do At Home

While it’s helpful to have experts like BHS at your disposal, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your air conditioner doesn’t need repairs. BHS encourages all of our customers to learn essential air conditioner maintenance, so repairs are limited to unavoidable circumstances. To that effect, Fort Myers, FL residents can inspect their air conditioner for:

  • Insulation damage
  • Dirty air filters
  • Debris around their outdoor unit
  • Dust on the indoor AC unit

How To Tell When You Should Call Best Home Services

So, you keep up with at-home, do-it-yourself maintenance tasks. But how do you know when it’s time to call BHS? There’s no easy answer, but there are some telltale signs your Fort Myers, FL air conditioner unit needs some work. For instance, you should take any banging and clanking noises from the exterior unit seriously. Do you hear metallic screeching noises as you turn on the outdoor unit? Give BHS a call. How about squealing coming from the indoor air conditioning apparatus? That can be serious as well. Rattling, humming, and popping noises are also indicators that something is amiss and calling BHS is now required.

Heavy Rain

It’s Hurricane Season. Is Your AC Unit Safe?

BHS strongly advises all Fort Myers, FL residents to ready their air conditioner for hurricane season. Florida stands in the path of several destructive storms a year. Protect your investment and avoid post-hurricane repairs by following a few simple steps:

  • Strap your outdoor unit to the ground
  • Be sure to turn off the power leading to the air conditioning unit
  • Clear your yard of all debris that could slam into the AC unit
  • Protect the air conditioner from flood damage by using sandbags
  • Hire BHS to perform regular, preventative maintenance

Contact Fort Myers, FL’s Best Home Services for AC Repair

Unlock the potential of Fort Myers, FL-living with expert AC repair. Our town has plenty to offer, from the nearby calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the lively boardwalk and dolphin- and whale-watching tours off Fort Myers beach. Don’t put a damper on your summer by living with a malfunctioning air conditioner. Keep enjoying Fort Myers, FL by contacting BHS today for AC repair.