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Bringing a New Kind of Light to Southwest Florida

When it comes to protecting your living environment and indoor air quality in your home, count on the professional service you receive from BHS. UV light systems are paving the way towards a healthier, sustainable option for your home. UV solutions help kill airborne germs, bacteria and other allergens including mold. Improve your indoor air quality and overall comfort with a new light system from BHS.

The Latest Technology to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution is already identified by the EPA as one of the leading environmental dangers to public health. Thankfully you can now benefit from the latest technology already used in hospitals to purify air with home comfort and health benefits for those with breathing and allergy ailments, as well as your peace of mind as to the quality of air you and your family breathes.

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Ultra-Violet Lamp Systems

BHS ultra-violet lamp solutions help to kill airborne germs, bacteria and allergens including mold. Our solutions include UltraMAX, UVPhotoMAX, and much more! The high concentration of germicidal ultraviolet light that an UltraMAX™ UV system shines on the interior surfaces of an air conditioning system, keeps mold and other biological contamination from growing there and spreading through the home. It also disinfects the air circulating past the ultraviolet lamps, killing airborne bacteria and viruses. The benefits can be far reaching-including:

  • Dramatic reduction of allergy and other respiratory symptoms
  • Fewer colds and other illnesses due to airborne bacteria and viruses
  • Save energy by keeping the insulating effect of biological growth off air conditioning surfaces

Controlled by an intuitive Microprocessor, the UVLampMonitor notifies you when UV lamps need to be changed. Ultravation® UV lamps have an industry leading lamp life of approximately two years. UltraMAX™ comes with a 10-year UV system warranty, as well as a 2-year UV lamp life. Enjoy the benefits in your very own home.

What UV Light Systems Do for You

UVPhotoMAX, in particular, installs directly into your HVAC system to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) by literally decomposing hundreds of everyday odors, and by killing millions of airborne organisms that cause illness, allergic reactions and troublesome mildew, mold and fungus problems. You can enjoy healthier, cleaner air with UVPhotoMax.

“How does it work?”

The air is re-circulated though your HVAC system and microorganisms are killed as they pass through the UV-C light in the Dual-Band ReFresh metal oxidation chamber. It pairs with Ultravation ReFresh advanced oxidation photocatalytic reactor / Photon Clarifier to break down odor molecules into harmless components. Clean air without odor, now that’s what we call the Best bang for your buck!

Integrated, Balanced Design

Every part is specially designed to work together. UltraMAX™ is unmatched in UV power, effectiveness, lamp life and energy efficiency.

More UV, No Matter Which UltraMAX™ You Buy

UltraMAX™ remote lamp models use Ultravation’s patented T3 UV lamp enhancement / safety interlock technology, to achieve up to 40% more UV output than was previously obtainable. Integrated lamp models use Philips Compact-Twin “U” shaped lamps that effectively double the length-and intensity-of the lamp!

ESP II™ Electronic Power

Specially engineered to maximize the performance and life of UV lamps.


Commercial grade extruded aluminum construction provides years of dependable service.

Microprocessor Control

UVLampMonitor system tracks lamp status and lamp life-reminds you when lamps need to be changed.

Two-Year UV Lamp Life

ESP II™ matched with top quality lamp design gives UltraMAX™ the longest UV lamp life available.


UltraMAX™ uses far less power than competitive units due to the efficiency of the lamps and ESP II™ power supply.

All UltraMAX™ UV Lamps Use Philips Sterilamp® Technology

Patented Sterilamp® technology means highest output over the life of the lamp. Ultravation’s® safe and easy-plug-in UV lamp systems make changing lamps a breeze.

Light Up Your Life

Call BHS today at 941-306-4165 to discuss your needs for UV light system. Out team is eager to spread the UV Light love across southwest Florida and beyond!

Already the trusted choice for UV light systems in southwest Florida, now you can find us in Sarasota too! Enjoy award-winning service and no gimmicks! We guarantee it! Don’t believe us? Check out over 20,000 Five Star Reviews from your peers!