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AC Rebates and Financing

There’s no getting around it, air conditioning is a must-have in southwest Florida. We understand that an AC system is a big investment. Whether something breaks and you need continuous maintenance or years of wear and tear leads to an air conditioning replacement, our team is helping you make the most of your comfort without breaking the bank.

Thanks to a wide range of southwest Florida AC rebates, there has never been a better time to invest in a new central air conditioning system. So, don’t panic! Sit back, relax, and discover all the saving opportunities available.

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AC Rebates

One of the most common questions that we receive from our customers is, “Do you have any rebates?” We’re happy to say that “Yes, we do!”

Our rebates aren’t just small change either, with BHS you can enjoy up to $1,000 in rebates. As with anything, there are a few contingencies such as the efficiency of your new air conditioning system, the efficiency of the system replaced, and the size of the system, but a quick call with a helpful member of our team can help you determine your eligibility.

What to Look for in an AC Unit

A word to the wise. Our AC rebates are rewarding customers for smart, environmentally friendly choices. So while you peruse AC systems, make sure to check their efficiency and see if they’re part of Energy Star systems. The HVAC industry has taken note of the latest wave of energy efficient products and have adapted manufacturing to reflect its growth.

While you’re looking for AC units, take note of their SEER rating. This is how the industry rates the efficiency of air conditioning systems. It works simply; the higher the rating the more efficient the system. Air conditioning units with high SEER ratings may be a little pricier, but the overall benefits and lifetime costs are well worth the value. Paired with our rebate opportunity, efficient air conditioning system can also save you on your energy bills year after year. One of the most important parts of the success of an energy efficient AC unit is its installation. With BHS, you never have to worry!

Our team of experience technicians have been the trusted choice in thousands of Southwest Florida homes for over 30 years. All of our technicians are full-time, professionally certified technicians. We make sure our employees participate in ongoing training to ensure they never stop learning and improving with certifications including:

  • Nexstar Service System certification
  • N.A.T.E. Certification
  • EPA Certification
  • State licensed and insured

Rest assured that BHS installations will lead to the highest level of energy efficiency in your home!

Financing Opportunities

Not only can you save right away with rebates, you can benefit from the discounts and energy savings while you’re still purchasing the system with our financing options to spread the payments in a manner that suits you. We’re no strangers to the surprise and worry that comes from an overwhelming bill. BHS understands that a hefty, monthly payment isn’t feasible for everyone. Our financing opportunities allow you and your family the comfort you need at the pace you can afford.

You can apply for special financing options right here. Experience how you can benefit from special promotions, flexible payments, and easy, online management.

If you are an approved applicant, contact us for details on financing options and opportunities. For help with any queries on to find out how you can save on your new air conditioning system, give us a call at 941-306-4165 to speak with a friendly specialist at BHS today.