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The “Best” Furnace and Heater Repair Services in Southwest Florida

When it comes to heating repair, see why Florida residents are turning to BHS. Even winters in Florida can bring its share of chilly nights. Don’t shiver in your home thanks to a broken heater. Call on BHS in Southwest Florida to schedule a heating repair visit from one of our great technicians. Already the trusted choice in thousands of SW Florida homes for over 30 years, BHS can help with all of your heating needs. From repairs to new system installations, we guarantee expert service and client satisfaction.

We aren’t just saying that, either. Take a look at our award-winning customer service level guarantee here. When we say our customers come first, we truly mean it. See it for yourself in the testimonials of our thousands of happy customers. We go above and beyond the average AC, Heating, and Plumbing repair service needs to ensure that you have a positive experience with our company.

What Sets Us Apart in Heating Repair Services:

There is a reason why our first-time customers often become loyal to BHS, calling upon us when a need arises. We set ourselves apart from the competition in multiple ways.

technician greeting customer at door
Fast, Same Day Service

When it’s cold, it’s cold. No one wants to shiver in their own home and here at BHS, we don’t believe you should. BHS is located in multiple cities across Southwest Florida, including:

This puts us on the map close to our customers, so we can respond quickly and efficiently to your service call. Our expert technicians can be at your home for an emergency heater repair service today, on-time, and at a schedule that is most convenient for you.

We Find Ways to Make New Installations More Affordable

From rebates to coupons, BHS is always producing new ways to help our customers save money. We understand that a new heater or AC unit can be a costly investment, yet we also realize that it is a necessity. You can’t live a healthy, comfortable life in Florida without being able to regulate the temperature in your home.

If you’re dealing with a broken heating unit, or you simply need to upgrade to a new home comfort system which can both cool your home in summer and heat it in winter, give us a call. Upon your request, we can look into a wide range of rebate and promotional discounts that may be available to help you cut back your costs.

Best of all, the units we carry is designed to save you money through energy efficient technology. Experience the benefit of a lower energy bill and a more efficient system that will leave more money in your wallet for years to come. Keep in mind that rebates, promotions, and coupons are subject to conditions that may apply. Call our friendly staff at 941-306-4165 to inquire about what you’re eligible for.

family relaxing in living room
We Offer Hassle-Free, Gimmick-Free, Upfront Pricing

Too often, we hear about a price that is “too good to be true,” only to later find ourselves hit with hidden fees that hike up the price. BHS sets itself apart by providing upfront pricing to our customers. There are no gimmicks and no hidden fees applied to our quotes.

We stick to the quotes we offer, no matter how long the repair or installation may take. Our integrity gives our customers peace of mind.

We Take the Time to Match Our Heating Solutions to the Size of Your Home

BHS is run by experts in the heating and air industry. Our HVAC technicians understand that a heating and air conditioning system’s strength should match the size of your home.

Our experts will professionally select the system and size appropriate for managing the temperature within your home. We will review this selection with the customer prior to performing a flawless installation. Best of all, our services are all backed up by a satisfaction-guaranteed, money-back warranty.

So rest easy when you put the job in our hands. You’ll be assured of great home comfort with a BHS installation.

We Offer a Great Selection of Heating and Cooling Systems

Did we mention you have choices? BHS supplies a selection of today’s leading models so you can take advantage of the features that matter most to you. Compare the latest features and technology with money saving energy efficiency ratings, or discover a system that balances both. With us, you can choose the right system for your home, family, lifestyle, and budget.

Our Services Are Performed by Licensed and Insured Professionals

You’ll never have to worry about whether we’re qualified for the job. BHS is fully licensed and insured for all of your heating and air conditioning needs. Our technicians are clean-cut, friendly and helpful and will keep your home tidy. They are trained to the highest national proficiency standards, and BHS is already the trusted choice in thousands of local homes.

We Put Great Emphasis on Energy Efficiency

Old heating and cooling systems are energy gobblers. Even if you have an outdated system that is working well, it may be costing you substantially more each month than it should.

At BHS, we make it a point to provide options for energy efficient heating, both to spare the environment and the exhaustion of our customers’ budgets. In fact, some of our systems can cut your heating and cooling bill in half! If you’re using a system that is several years old, reach out to one of our representatives to see if we can pair you with a money-saving solution.

Manufacturer Warranties with an Installation Guarantee for Peace of Mind

We carry systems from reputable manufacturers that offer limited warranties on new systems and compressors for up to 12 years, but that’s not all we offer our customers. Peace of mind is a big deal to BHS, and we make sure each experience is bundled with it.

If you’re in need of a new system, ask our representatives about our amazing installation guarantee. It comes with every install to ensure our customers that they’re in good hands, no matter what!

We Deliver Award-Winning Service

From our 2017 Business Ambassador Award from Governor Rick Scott, to our multiple service awards given to us by our community and customers, we prove our dedication to you time and time again. We invite you to review our detailed satisfaction guaranteed service here and glean what our customers have to say firsthand by exploring their personal testimonies regarding our services.

Our Estimates Are Always Free

Don’t pay to hear what it’s going to cost to fix or replace your heating and air solution. If you’re considering a new or replacement heating or cooling system or an upgrade to your existing system, simply take advantage of our FREE in-home, no obligation estimate at your convenience.

For all your needs for heater repair in Southwest Florida, call 941-306-4165. You’ll speak to one of the trusted cooling experts from BHS who will be happy to help meet your needs.