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Reliable Electrician Services for Southwest Florida

For the best electrician services in Southwest Florida, including Lee, Manatee, and Collier counties, you can trust BHS. We perform all the electrical work for any of the services we offer to customers in Naples, Estero, Fort Myers, and many other cities around Southwest Florida. If you need a reliable electrician for a home theater or for new lighting, or you’re investing in a standby generator to protect your home’s power needs, we’re happy to help. All of our highly skilled and well-trained electricians are licensed professionals who stay mindful of your home. We started our company as licensed electricians solely providing electrical services, including repairs and installations. Today, we offer a large variety of services that call for a local electrician. If you need a residential electrician to handle your home’s electrical needs, choose the best and call BHS.

Wide Range of Electrician Services

If your home needs repairs, installation, or complete rewiring, we have the licensed electrician with the expertise to help you. If you’re wondering ‘who are the best electricians near me?’ the answer is BHS. Our residential electricians ensure your home’s safety with quick and thorough electrical services that always meet the most current standards. Call us for a 24-hour electrician to resolve your electrical needs, including:

  • Repairs, upgrades, and replacements for your panel box
  • Inspections and upgrades for code-compliance or pre-purchase
  • Installing power outlets or switches, or replacing old ones with newer, more modern options
  • Rewires or replacement of unsafe, problematic, or faulty wiring to meet current standards
  • Installing a standby generator for a power backup in case of hurricanes and power outages
  • Home or business lighting solutions for landscape and outdoor lighting, recessed lighting, track lighting, and accent lighting
  • Whole-house surge protectors to protect your electrical equipment from lightning and power surges
  • Installation and wiring home theaters and surround-sound equipment
  • Wiring and installing new data and telephone jacks
  • Hooking up stoves, electric heaters, and other appliances
  • HVAC and air conditioning system electrical circuitry and installation
  • Pool and spa electrical connections and troubleshooting

Residential Lighting by Licensed Electricians

BHS provides premium electrical work for your residential needs. This includes our role as emergency electricians to ensure your home’s electrical issues get resolved promptly. One of our local electricians’ is lighting up your home’s interior and exterior with traditional and contemporary lighting. We use the expertise of our Southwest Florida-licensed electricians to highlight the best features of your home and find lighting solutions. Our teams can even provide the fixtures needed to create an effect or mood that your desire for your living space. If you have questions about how you can complement your home, our electricians stay current on popular lighting designs, layouts, and trends. They’ll be glad to discuss them with you. BHS’ local electricians are ready to assist your electrical needs, which include any of the following:

  • Dimmers and Light Switches – We provide expert installation of the latest designs of dimmers and light switches.
  • Recessed Lighting – Add a modern design with contemporary recessed lighting.
  • Track or Accent Lights – Add track or accent lighting to highlight the best room features and displays.
  • LED Lighting – Put LED lighting throughout your home to reduce your power usage and lower your energy bills.
  • Updated Lighting – We’ll change your older fittings to newer ones to update your lighting’s appearance.
  • Entry Lighting – Improve security by lighting your pathways, garage doors, and front doors.
  • Outdoor Lighting – Get year-round enjoyment from your patio and garden with custom-designed lighting. Your pool, barbecue, and entrance areas can be lit for longer use, too. We also install outdoor power sockets.
  • Motion Detection – Security lighting detects movement outside your home, and the notion-sensor activates lights to ease your worries.
  • Signage – Outdoor and promotional sign lighting catches the attention of potential customers.
electrician adjusts wiring

Surge Protection for Your Home

Southwest Florida’s local electrician needs are amplified by the chance of lightning strikes and interruptions in power service and the resulting power surges. They’re unpredictable and can seriously damage or destroy your electrical equipment. Many models and brands of surge protectors claim they’re safe to install in your panel box, but their ratings can be misleading. The average homeowner doesn’t typically have the insight to determine the right surge protector for their home. This lack of knowledge steeply increases the risk of a surge protector not working correctly or even causing a fire when residents try to install one themselves.

BHS gives you peace of mind when our professional, certified electricians handle the installations and repairs. Our skills and expertise ensure that your security system, computers, LCD TVs, and other electronics are protected. We’re licensed and certified to provide you with a solution for whole-house surge protection.

24-Hour Electricians to Handle Your Service Panel

The skilled and licensed electricians of BHS perform a variety of different solutions for your service panel, including:

  • Panel Replacement – Installing a new service panel and circuit breaker increases your panel’s capacity and brings it up to current safety standards. Call us immediately for a safety inspection if you have a panel with known issues like older Federal Pacific or Zinsco electric boards.
  • New Circuits – You can meet new or increased usage requirements for a new AC unit or pool by adding additional capacity.
  • Emergency Repair – If your box is giving off a burning smell or is fizzing, or you don’t have any power going through certain circuits, call us immediately to handle the problem. We’ll send a highly-skilled 24-hour electrician any day of the week to make emergency repairs.
  • Panel Upgrades – We install whole-home surge protectors, GFCI safety interrupters, fuse-to-circuit breaker upgrades, and other upgrades.
  • Rewiring – Your home’s older wiring can’t handle today’s higher power consumption, which leads to instability and risk of fire. Aluminum wiring, older cloth wiring, and other problematic and outdated wiring are dangerous. We’ll rewire your home to ensure it meets today’s performance and safety standards.
  • Safety Inspections – If you question your home’s wiring or panel safety, call us to perform a professional safety inspection for your well-being and peace of mind.

Call for a Licensed, Local Electrician

Make sure your home is safe and up-to-code by bringing in the best electricians in Southwest Florida for your lighting, service panel, and surge protection needs. Our licensed and professional electricians apply their masterful expertise to every job, ensuring it’s done right the first time. Contact us or call today at (239) 284-1472 to schedule service.