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Looking for an Electrician in Southwest Florida?

We offer service panel, circuit breaker, and fuse box repair.

When you need an electrician for your circuit breaker panel, fuse box or rewiring needs, you can rely on the great service you receive from BHS! For over 30 years, we have been serving Southwest Florida residents, building a reputation as the “Best” in the business!

Our team goes above and beyond to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We can schedule an appointment within 24 hours, prioritizing emergencies so that you can count on us being there when we’re needed the most.

Unlike other services, you won’t have to spend your day waiting around for our arrival. We always strive to be there on time and even call ahead as soon as our electrician is on his way. You’ll know when we show up because our staff always drives a branded BHS vehicle stocked fully with the parts and equipment needed to get the job done.

electrician working on service panel

Electrical Services We Offer

Emergency Electrical Repairs

If you’re experiencing no power to certain circuits or if your box is fizzing or has a burning smell, pick up the phone and call us immediately! BHS can dispatch an expert electrician for an emergency repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Safety Inspections

If you are unsure about the safety of your wiring or panel then a professional safety inspection may help put your mind at ease! Call us to book an appointment.

Panel Replacements

If you want to increase your panel’s capacity or upgrade your panel to meet modern safety standards, BHS can provide a professional installation of a new circuit breaker and service panel. If you have a panel with known issues such as older Zinsco or Federal Pacific Electric boards, please contact us as soon as possible for a safety inspection.

New Circuits

We can add additional capacity for new or increased usage requirements, such as for a new pool or air conditioning unit.


Older home wiring was not designed with today’s higher power consumption in mind. Thus, it can be unstable and even a fire risk. Problematic wiring includes aluminum wiring and older cloth wiring. If you’re currently setup on these risky and outdated materials, BHS can perform a full rewiring of your home! We’ll bring it up to modern safety and performance standards.

Panel Upgrades

These upgrades include GFCI safety interrupters, whole house surge protectors, and fuse to circuit breaker upgrades.

Schedule an Electrician Today!

BHS promises an excellent customer service experience and offers written one-year warranties on your repair or installation. If you have any issue with the repair we will return for free.

Our pricing is always upfront. We never include any hidden fees and you’ll never be charged overtime if a job takes longer than expected. We are fully licensed and insured to handle your electrical needs, so what is there to lose? Give us a call at 941-306-4165 and experience the “Best” electrical services in Southwest Florida firsthand.