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Trust the years of our Electricians’ Experience

Our founder, Perry J. Hodges, began his career as an electrician as one of the youngest electricians in the state of California in 1977. The Hodges have been providing electrical services to Southwest Florida since our move here in 1992. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to all of the most modern technology supporting homes and their systems to ensure we continue to give the best services every day. Choosing a subpar electrician can cost you more than your time wasted, they could potentially leave your house open to an electrical fire or electrocution. Our expert electrician have answered some frequently asked questions below to help, but if you are unsure of the issue, please call for our electrical services so you can protect yourself, your family, and your house.

When should I reach out to Best Home Services for Electrician Services?

If you do not know what you’re doing, trying to fix your electrical yourself can be very dangerous. You can face electrical burns, street-wide power outage, electrical fires, and more. There’s no need to take these types of chances for these issues. Call the excellent electricians at Best Home Services for any electrical need your home needs. We can even help by offering efficiency inspections and offer choices to help lower your energy bill.

What are Joules?

Surge protectors offer protection in amounts called joules. You can think of these like a reservoir. If a product has 1,000 joules of security, it can take ten 100 joule hits, or one 1,000 joules hit. Essentially, the more joules, the better!

What causes a power outage?

A variety of reasons can cause power outages. In Southwest Florida, power outages can happen because of a storm, energy shortage, or even debris. In the unforeseen event of a power outage, Best Home Services has you covered!

How do I know if I have a bad outlet?

Some sure signs your outlet is dangerous and needs attention is if you hear humming around it, it moves or shifts around when plugging in your appliance, or it is warm to the touch. All of these will require you to call Best Home Services to have it replaced and have us inspect your system for any other issues.

What should I do during an Electrical Fire?

The first thing to do is call your local fire department. Additionally, remember you cannot put these types of fires out with water. Your best bet is to grab your fire extinguisher. If you cannot reach it, you can also grab some flour or baking soda to suffocate the fire. If you can safely reach the outlet, disconnect the plug or other source of the electricity to help as well.

Can I buy a generator from Best Home Services?

You sure can! Generators are godsends, particularly in Southwest Florida where hurricanes can hold a lot of uncertainty for our residents and businesses. When there is a power outage in your neighborhood, a generator creates electrical power without using a utility’s electrical source. Typically, a generator runs on fuel, like natural gas or liquified petroleum gas.

How do I reset my breaker?

Whenever you unexpectedly lose power in only a portion of your house, there’s a good chance your circuit breaker is first place to look for assistance. You have probably put too many high voltage items in outlets throughout the room, causing the breaker to pop. Your breaker guards your home from electrical fires when an overload happens and cuts all power to that area. If you can safely reach your electrical box, you can easily reset it by pushing the switch back. If you cannot reach it, or don’t know how to flip the switch, call the electricians at Best Home Services for assistance.

Why is there a humming sound coming from my outlets?

This is a sign that you need to have the outlet replaced by the professionals at Best Home Services. We can help by replacing and installing your defective breaker. Leaving this unserved can lead to an electrical fire that could potentially burn down your home.

Can Best Home Services install surge protectors for my Home?

Yes, we can! Buying and installing these on your own can have disastrous consequences. Our professional electricians have studied and understand which surge protectors fit specific houses and setups. Many try to sell one-size-fits-all protectors, but this is very dangerous. Protect your home from lighting strikes which can take out the power to your home calling Best Home Services when you wish to add a surge protector to your home’s electrical system.

Call Best Home Services for Competent Electricians

When you are facing issues with your electrical systems around the house, the safest bet is to call Best Home Services in Southwest Florida to ensure your family and home stay safe. Our electrician experts are professionally trained to identify and handle all issues surrounding your system whether you need outlets replaced, surge protectors installed, or wish to upgrade the lighting around your home. They are also licensed and certified to perform such tasks. Call Best Home Services today!

$19 Service Calls*