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Trust Us for Your Standby Generator Needs in Southwest FL

Having a standby generator for your Southwest Florida home can be very beneficial, and BHS provides the electricians you can count on for proper installation. A backup generator in your home ensures that there’s always a power supply. So, when a blackout or brownout happens as a result of severe storms or lightning, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the lights and air conditioning will stay on. You don’t realize how vital a steady power supply is until it’s gone. Many Florida residents need reliable electricity for their refrigerator, HVAC equipment, and medical equipment. Having a home standby generator can save you and your family from suffering the summer heat, losing your food, and risking death from medical equipment not functioning.

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Best Home Standby Generators We Provide

Through BHS, you can get a standby generator for your Southwest Florida home that fits your capacity needs to keep the power on in your whole house. We offer units that run on natural gas and propane, so choose whichever you prefer. We’ll also get your home standby generator connected with liquid or air cooling. BHS only carries the most reliable and best home generators, such as Briggs & Stratton®, because we know that it matters to get a quality brand. Every generator we sell also includes an extended warranty with the installation to give you peace of mind.

You can count on the knowledgeable and efficient technicians who come to your home to install your new home standby generator. While there, we can also answer your backup power questions like the unit size that’s appropriate to handle your specific power needs. Go ahead and ask us, and you’ll get an honest answer that’s customized to suit your precise requirements. You won’t find two homeowners with the exact same power needs, so any reply we give is specific to the person asking. We want you to be covered in the event of a power outage.

Why Do I Need a Standby Generator?

Installing a standby generator for your home might seem excessive but consider what items in your home run on electricity and what you’d lose during a blackout. You might think lighting candles and switching on a battery-powered radio are your biggest concerns, but what about the food in your fridge, or the cool, comfortable air that makes Florida summers bearable? The standby generator cost is minimal when compared to the cost of going without power for days. While the reasons for a standby generator will pile up when you write your own checklist, here are a few common reminders about living in Florida and your home’s need for one.

Severe Storms and Lightning

With the number of storms and risk of hurricanes in Florida, wind, torrential rain, and lightning are constant problems for homeowners, especially regarding your electricity. One vicious bolt of lightning can knock out power to your entire neighborhood. Since lightning is unpredictable, it’s better to have a dependable backup source of power for your home. A standby generator can ensure a constant flow of energy to your HVAC system, fridge, freezer, lights, and other crucial electronics that you depend on.

Your Food Will Spoil

When a violent storm tears through your town and wipes out power, your perishable items are at risk. While your fridge and freezer are insulated, they still depend on power to keep your food cool or frozen. Without the cooling components running, it’s just a short matter of time before your milk, eggs, meat, and produce spoil, leaving you with a metal box full of inedible waste. And with how hot Florida gets, the rate of decay is accelerated. It’s better to be prepared for a hurricane with a reliable backup power source to prevent a fridge or freezer full of garbage.

Medical Devices You Depend On

Many residents of the sunshine state depend on medical devices with a constant energy source for their well-being. Their lives rely on technology, and battery backups don’t last forever. When a storm knocks out the power to your home, you want to know that you or your loved one can still get the home medical care you need. Properly installed and high-quality home standby generators switch on as soon as the grid goes down, providing an almost seamless transition to backup electricity.

Florida Heat and Humidity

It’s no secret that most of the calendar year in Florida entails hot, sticky, tropical weather, and the summer can broil the state. A good air conditioning system is vital to living comfortably in this southern state. When your power is knocked out, you lose your HVAC system, making your home hot and stuffy to degrees that can be dangerous to your welfare. Get the best home standby generator to ensure that you and your family stay in safe temperatures.

Maintenance for Your Standby Generator

While installing a standby generator seems like the end of your concerns, it’s only useful when it’s working properly. You don’t want your backup power source to fail when you need it. That’s why BHS offers maintenance services for your generator to ensure it’s in top condition and ready to work when the unpredictable happens. Call us for an annual checkup at your Southwest Florida home, and we’ll perform a variety of tests for performance, cleaning, and safety. We’ll make sure your unit functions properly and the parts look good. If we spot any issues, we’ll repair them right away. Contact Us today or give BHS a call today at (239) 992-3561 to get started on securing a home standby generator.