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Best Home Services’ 24-Hour Electricians

BHS has a team of licensed electricians in Sarasota, FL capable of resolving a multitude of electrical-related household and property issues. The electrical components in your home are more complex than they might seem. We don’t advise you to attempt to repair damages yourself. Even if you don’t hurt yourself, you could make the problem worse. Our electricians are fully certified and have plenty of experience working in homes and properties of all sizes. They understand how electrical wiring works and can keep the lights on safely and efficiently. It’s what every Sarasota, FL resident deserves, and BHS is proud to deliver the same superior customer service every day. Give us a call today.

Repairing Panel box

Our Electrical Services

We provide comprehensive customer service to our Sarasota, FL customers. Because we offer turnkey electrical solutions, we’re able to provide 100 percent comprehensive services to you. You won’t need to bring in a specialist or call a different electrician to handle one task or another. We take care of it all ourselves, just one reason why we’re the local electricians our Sarasota, FL neighbors trust. Our services include:

  • Panel box repairs, upgrades, and replacements
  • Code-compliance inspections
  • Power outlet and switch installation and replacements
  • Faulty wiring repairs and rewiring
  • Generator installation for hurricane-related backup power
  • Residential and commercial landscape, outdoor, recessed, track, and accent lighting
  • Whole-home surge protectors
  • Home theater and surround-sound equipment installation
  • Telephone and data jack installation
  • Household appliance installation
  • HVAC and AC electrical circuit installation
  • Pool and spa electrical installation and troubleshooting
Wiring Repairs

How To Tell When It’s Time to Give BHS a Call

Understanding when it’s time to call BHS is an important skill. There are several potential causes of electrical issues, and not all of them originate in your home. For instance, the utility company might be experiencing problems on their end. It’s best to verify there are no problems with the utility company. Most of them have active social media profiles and outage information on their website. If nothing pops up, then it’s time to call BHS. One important thing to note: some wiring and circuitry problems pose a fire risk. As a result, you shouldn’t ignore any electrical issues. Give us a call if you’re currently experiencing any problems, such as:

  • Circuit breakers that trip regularly
  • Consistently blown fuses
  • Too much current for the circuits in your building
  • Flickering and waning lights
  • Not enough outlets
  • Not enough three-pronged outlets
  • Outlets, switches, and electrical components that are warm to the touch
  • Shocks when you touch parts that should be safe to feel
  • Outdated circuitry and electrical components

BHS Installs Backup Generators

Everyone who lives in Southwest Florida knows the danger hurricane season poses. Residents know how challenging losing power during a destructive hurricane is. Fortunately, there is a solution. Backup generators give Sarasota, FL residents a way to keep the power going throughout the storm and its aftermath. They keep your family safe and secure and enable you to live comfortably while you recover. Give BHS a call today to install a generator or fix a recurring or new electrical problem.