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Best Home Services’ Trustworthy Local Electricians

If you have faulty wiring or electric in your Tampa, FL home, our local electricians can help. It’s critical to find a certified electrician you can trust to take care of electrical repairs and installation. This kind of work is complicated, and many homeowners lack the know-how or safety equipment to perform electrical work. Rather than attempt to fix the issue yourself, place your trust in our licensed electricians. Tampa, FL residents deserve the best, and that’s what BHS offers. Our reputation for quick, thorough, and safe repairs and installation precedes us. We train our technicians to deliver personable customer service, and they’re committed to protecting and growing our sterling reputation.

electrician working on service panel

Tampa, FL Relies On Our Comprehensive Electrical Services

BHS serves all of Southwest Florida, and we put our resources to good use. Tampa, FL property owners are used to seeing our trucks in their neighborhoods. Our name is synonymous with comprehensive services. We have plenty of technicians at our disposal. The size of our team means we’re able to provide prompt service to each of our clients. We’re your first line of defense against electrical failure, and our Tampa, FL commercial and residential electricians do so by offering a wide range of services, including:

  • We perform repairs, upgrades, and replacements of panel boxes
  • BHS provides inspection services for Tampa homebuyers
  • Our local electricians install and replace power outlets and switches
  • We fix wiring issues in residential and commercial properties
  • BHS installs backup power generators
  • BHS enhances property aesthetics with various lighting aspects
  • We install whole-home surge protectors
  • BHS sets up surround-sound home theater systems
  • Our local electricians install telephone and data jacks
  • We install household appliances
  • BHS handles the electrical component installation of HVAC systems
  • We can handle electrical services for pools and spas
Repairing Panel box

How Do I Know When I Have an Electrical Issue?

The first step is to rule out your utility company as a culprit. You can find information on outages on their website, and you can glean more information by giving them a call. If everything is fine on their end, then the issue is with your property. Understanding these telltale signs of electrical failure helps you determine whether it’s appropriate to call BHS. Peruse the list of common signs below or visit our FAQ page for more information:

  • Your circuit breaker regularly fails
  • You’re fixing blown fuses more than usual
  • The circuits in your building have too much current
  • The lights in the building flicker or wane without explanation
  • You don’t have enough outlets to support your needs
  • Your property lacks enough three-pronged outlets
  • The outlets and switches are warm or shock you when you touch them
  • The circuitry and electrical components are outdated

Invest in a Backup Generator for Your Tampa, FL Property

The virtue of backup generators can’t be understated, especially in hurricane-slammed Tampa, FL, and it’s essential to protect yourself. There’s no controlling the weather, but you can contain the fallout. With a generator, you can weather less-severe storms without worrying about power outages. A few things to keep in mind: Flying debris and flooding can damage your generator, so make sure to clear the yard before the storm and set up sandbags. For more information, contact BHS today.