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Best Home Care Maintenance Plan
is for Whole House Protection

couple chatting on couch
  • Two A/C maintenance visits, one electrical and one plumbing inspection.
  • Worry-Free scheduling: we contact you to schedule each maintenance.
  • 5-10% discount on all service & repairs.
  • Priority service guaranteed.
  • No after-hours emergency rates
  • The most qualified technicians in SW Florida
  • Peace of mind to know that your equipment is operating safely & efficiently
That’s Why We Say
“Relax You’re Covered”


check markAir Conditioning (2 Tune Ups)
check markElectrical (1 Inspection)
eckPlumbing (1 Maintenance)
All For just $199 Per Year

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We Bet You’re Wondering…

Q: If I have a good piece of equipment, why do I need a Home Care Maintenance Plan?

A: Good Question! Your A/C system, water heater, breaker panel, etc. may be extremely reliable and efficient not; our Home Care Maintenance Plan is designed to KEEP it that way! This means ensuring your equipment is professionally cleaned and maintained, increasing its longevity, efficiency, and safety. In addition, many manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep your warranty valid.

Q: Is a Maintenance Plan really worth the cost?

A: Our maintenance plan is designed to prevent stressful breakdowns. Also, the extended life and increased efficiency usually more than pays for the plan’s annual cost. Maintaining your home’s equipment is similar to the regular maintenance your car needs to run properly: you’ll prevent the need for expensive repairs and potential property damage.

The Service You Deserve from the Company You Can Count On!

The #1 Air Conditioning, Electrical & Plumbing company in SW Florida, 2008-2019.
Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau
Carrier’s 2012-2016 President’s Award Winner
Rated 5 stars by Home Service Review
Healthy Air Expert & N.A.T.E certified techs
Locally family-owned & operated since 1980
24/7 Emergency Service

From Our Family to yours, Thank You for choosing us!


  • Minimum 1 yr. Parts and labor warranty
  • 2 A/C tune-ups per year
  • 1 Electrical & 1 Plumbing maintenance per year
  • Maintain manufacturer and Best warranties
  • Priority service over non-plan members
  • No after-hours emergency rates
  • The most qualified technicians in SW Florida
  • Fast response 2/ 24/7 Emergency service
  • 5-10% Discount on all repairs and service
  • Worry-free maintenance scheduling (we remind you)
  • Reduce risk of breakdowns w/ maintained equipment
  • Lower utility bill with better efficiency
Air Conditioning
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Inspect ductwork for leakage
  • Test system for proper airflow
  • Clean and inspect drain lines
  • Test motors, capacitors, relays
  • Check amperage rating
  • Measure cool & heat transfer
  • And more
  • Infrared test breaker panel
  • Inspect panel condition
  • Test smoke detectors
  • Inspect grounding system integrity
  • Check breaker sizes & UL listings
  • Inspect for surge protection
  • Test GFCI safety outlets
  • And more
  • Service water heater
  • Inspect visible piping
  • Water quality test
  • Toilets tuned up
  • Inspect drainage system
  • Inspect all valves, sinks, faucets
  • Test water pressure
  • And more

Home Maintenance Action Points

Check Thermostat
Measure cool and heat transfer
Test cycle for proper operation
Inspect heat exchanger
Check safety controls/devices
Check fan controls
Check electrical connections
Clean & inspect drain lines
Inspect & clean drain pipe
Test motors, capacitors & relays
Wash evaporator coil when accessible
Check refrigerant charge
Test system for proper air flow
Inspect ductwork for leakage
Lubricate moving parts if necessary
Ensure home is up to code
Inspect grounding system integrity
Chemically treat pan if necessary
Test GFCI safety outlets
Inspect panel & breaker operation
Wash condenser coil when necessary
Check amperage rating
Test smoke detectors
Tighten electrical connections
Infrared test breaker panel
Inspect for surge protection
Clean or replace standard air filters
Inspect panel condition
Check breaker sizes & UL listings
Provide written maintenance report
Flush/drain water heater
Inspect water heater elements
Toilet flapper replacement
Toilets tuned up and adjusted
Underground water leak inspection
Inspect main water valve
Inspect sinks & faucets
Laundry hookup
Water lines
Bathtubs & showers
Garbage disposals

The “STUFF” You Need to Know

We will provide you with complete air conditioning, electrical and plumbing maintenances for the term of this plan according to all the benefits listed above. If you aren’t satisfied, then we aren’t satisfied. Bottom line… we’ll do our job Right or you’ll get your money back.

You will be sent reminders for upcoming maintenance visits and renewals, but it is your responsibility to ensure all of the great benefits included with this plan!