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Reliable Help for Your Home Electrical Needs

Best Home Services does all the electric work related to the services that we provide for our customers in Naples and beyond. Whether you are looking for a reliable electrician to do your home lighting or you want to invest in a standby generator, we can help. Contact us for more information!

What Is Included in Our Electrician Services?

Whether you’re in need of repairs, a new installation, or complete rewiring, Best Home Services has the electrician suited for the job. We ensure the safety of your home through swift and well executed electrical services that always meet the latest standards. This includes:

  • Panel box repairs, replacements, and upgrades to meet your necessary capacity
  • Pre-purchase and code-compliance inspections and upgrades
  • Rewiring or replacement of faulty, unsafe, or problematic wiring so that they meet today’s standards
  • New installation of power outlets and switches
  • Replacing old outlets and switches, or replacing them with new, modern designs
  • Installation of standby generators that can keep you up and running during power outages that occur in Florida, especially during hurricane season
  • Whole house surge protectors to prevent damages caused by lightning and power surges
  • Providing expert lighting solutions for your home or business, including outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, track and accent lighting, as well as recessed lighting
  • Wiring and socket installation for new telephone and data jacks
  • Wiring and installation of home theater and surround sound technology
  • Hookups for appliances, including stoves and electric heaters
  • Electrical connections and troubleshooting for pools and spas
  • Electrical circuitry and installation for Air Conditioning (AC) and HVAC systems
electrician working on service panel
Licensed Electricians

When you hire one of our well-trained electricians, you can count on getting a licensed professional who is mindful of you and your home. Our company started solely as an electrical service provider, specializing in installations and repairs. We offer a full array of electrical services. Call us and get the job done right.


Illuminate your home inside and out with the latest in contemporary or traditional lighting! Best Home Services uses our expertise to highlight your home’s best features. Our electricians keep up with the market’s trends and inform our customers of the latest home lighting designs and layouts that will complement their home. We can even supply fixtures that will help to create the desired mood or effect in your living space. We can help with the following services.

  • Dimmers and light switches: We can provide you with an expert installation and the latest designs for dimmers and light switches.
  • Recessed lighting: Enjoy a modern design with the latest in contemporary recessed lighting.
  • LED lighting: For improved energy efficiency that will save you money on your energy bills year after year, we can install LED lighting throughout your home.
  • Track or accent lights: To bring out the best of your room features or displays, consider the special touch of a track or accent lighting solution.
  • Updated lighting: We’ll assist you in updating your lighting’s appearance by swapping older fittings with newer ones.
  • Outdoor lighting: Enjoy your garden and patio year-round with a custom-designed lighting solution. Enjoy the outdoors for longer by adding lighting to your barbecue, pool, and entrance areas. We can even install outdoor power sockets.
  • Entry lighting: Light your front doors, pathways, and garage doors for your security.
  • Motion detection: Consider security lighting, which will detect movement to any area around the outside of your home with motion-sensor activated lights for your peace of mind.
  • Signage: Capture the attention of potential customers with electrics for promotional and outdoor sign lighting.
Standby Generators

When a hurricane hits, utility power has been known to be out for up to two weeks or more. That means no charging capacity for your phones to communicate and no power to refrigerate or cook food. Yet with a standby generator, you can store power for when you need it most.

Standby generator installations from Best Home Services can detect a utility failure and switch to backup power automatically. When the utility power returns, the generator will automatically switch back to your original power source.

Best Home Services’ backup generator systems are available in an extensive range of capacities to ensure all your power needs are met when there is a power supply failure. From 7kW up to 150kW, you can choose from propane or natural gas powered systems and either air or liquid cooling. We carry some of the industry’s leading brands, such as Generac, which come with excellent warranties.

Surge Protection

Power surges caused by lightning strikes and power service interruptions are not only unpredictable but also cause serious damage or destruction to your electrical equipment. Although many makes and models will claim to be safe for installation into your panel box, many of them are misleading in their rating. Most homeowners aren’t fully educated on which surge protector is right for their home. Because of this, self-installations often run a high risk of not working effectively—and some even catch on fire.

For complete peace of mind, trust the professionals to help you protect your expensive home electrical appliances, such as LCD TVs, computers, stereos, security systems, and other essential electronics. The experts at Best Home Services are licensed and certified to handle your whole house surge protector solution.

Service Panels

We offer a range of different solutions for service panels in your home, including the following.

  • Emergency Repair: If you’re experiencing no power to certain circuits or if your box is fizzing or has a burning smell, pick up the phone and call us immediately! Best Home Services can dispatch an expert electrician for an emergency repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Panel Replacement: If you want to increase your panel’s capacity or upgrade your panel to meet modern safety standards, we can provide a professional installation of a new circuit breaker and service panel. If you have a panel with known issues such as older Zinsco or Federal Pacific Electric boards, please contact us as soon as possible for a safety inspection.
  • New Circuits: We can add additional capacity for new or increased usage requirements, such as for a new pool or air conditioning unit.
  • Rewiring: Older home wiring was not designed with today’s higher power consumption in mind, which means it can be unstable and even a fire risk. Problematic wiring includes aluminum wiring and older cloth wiring. If you’re currently set up on these risky, outdated materials, we can perform a full rewiring of your home to bring it up to modern safety and performance standards.
  • Safety Inspections: If you are unsure about the safety of your wiring or panel, then a professional safety inspection may help put your mind at ease. Call us to book an appointment.
  • Panel Upgrades: These upgrades include GFCI safety interrupters, whole house surge protectors, and fuse to circuit breaker upgrades.

$19 Service Calls*