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Hurricanes and tropical storms are common in Southwest Florida. It’s hard to go a season without experiencing at least one brownout or blackout due to heavy lightning and intense storms. Installing a standby generator can give you peace of mind by providing your home with power during blackouts. With over 30 years of experience delivering exceptional electrical services, Best Home Services is here to advise you on the best generator options for your home needs, as well as flawless installation!

Just ask our happy customers. We are completely dedicated to your satisfaction. But before we lead into what makes Best Home Services the “Best” in the business, let us first share what a standby generator can provide you and your loved ones at home.


Have the confidence of knowing you’ll have continuous backup power when the utility supply fails. Standby generator installations from Best Home Services can detect the utility failure and switch to backup power automatically. When the utility power returns the generator will automatically switch back to your original power source.

Many people take power for granted. We have no idea how much we use and need it until it’s no longer there. Yet having it is critical for many individuals. From running medical equipment to HVAC, refrigeration, cooling, communications, and lighting, a standby generator can be a lifesaver during a power outage.

When a hurricane hits, utility power has been known to be out for up to 2 weeks or more. That means no charging capacity for your phones to communicate and no power to refrigerate or cook food. Yet with a standby generator, you can store away power for when you need it most.

Best Home Services’ backup generator systems are available in an extensive range of capacities to ensure all your power needs are met when there is a power supply failure. From 7kW up to 150kW, you can choose from propane or natural gas powered systems, and either air or liquid cooling. We carry some of the industry’s leading brands such as Briggs & Stratton, which come with excellent warranties.


Best Home Services provides our customers with phenomenal service and advantages, including:

LICENSED AND CERTIFIED ELECTRICAL EXPERTS: Best Home Services is fully licensed and insured, and is the trusted choice in thousands of homes in Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Cape Coral, and beyond for over 30 years.

STANDBY GENERATOR MAINTENANCE: Best Home Services offers expert maintenance on all existing standby generator installations.

PROFESSIONAL, NO GIMMICK ESTIMATES: We will provide you with an estimate on what it would cost to purchase and install a standby generator for your home. Our no-gimmick pricing guarantees that what we quote is what you pay, even if the new standby generator installation takes longer than anticipated. We never charge overtime fees and we always stand by our pricing.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SERVICE: Enjoy the level of service you deserve. From the moment you call to the completion of work, Best Home Services’ team comprises of clean-cut, polite technicians and administrative staff that care about your satisfaction. We are mindful of your time, your home, and your needs as we execute a professional and efficient service.

So what are you waiting for? Experience the “Best” electrician services in Southwest Florida for yourself. Call 239-284-1472 or 941-564-004 and ask us about an installation for your very own standby generator today.

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