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Air Conditioning Service in Brandon, FL

For excellent air conditioning service in Brandon, FL, when you need it most, contact BHS. Our friendly team of experienced HVAC professionals will do everything from tuning up your current unit to installing a new system, depending on what you need. We also do emergency AC repair in Brandon, FL. If you live in this area you understand that going without cool air in the heat is simply not an option. Get in touch with us for any and all HVAC services—service calls are only $19*, and there are no hidden fees. Some of our most requested services include HVAC maintenance work, AC troubleshooting and repairs, and the installation of new AC units.

You can count on our friendly team to get your system functioning at its best—and keep it running that way. Contact our office to learn more about maintenance service and how it can extend the life of your equipment and save you money in the long run.

Electrical Work in Brandon

Hire a licensed, insured electrician in Brandon, FL, to do the work in your home. We take on both large and smaller projects, and our crews are highly qualified to do the work. You can feel confident when you contact us for the following electrical services:

  • Lighting fixture installation
  • Installation or repair of ceiling fans
  • Installation of new outlets
  • Low voltage lighting lines for exterior lights
  • Appliance hookups
  • New electrical panels

This is just a small sample of the electrical services we offer to homeowners in the area. We can also assist you with many other tasks. Please contact our office to inquire about whatever it is that you need and we’ll do our best to get you set up quickly and efficiently.

Call an Emergency Plumber in Brandon, FL

If you need a plumber to come out to your home for an emergency situation, contact us immediately. We’ll dispatch an experienced plumber who will come immediately to your home to address the situation and handle the problem promptly. We can fix everything from a burst pipe that is pouring water into your space to a clogged drainage system. We have the tools to do on-the-spot repairs if needed, and our teams work quickly to minimize any water damage. Our company employs some of the best plumbers in Brandon, FL, and we also do many non-emergency tasks as well. Contact us for:

  • Drain line cleaning
  • Sewer video exploration
  • Leaky line re-piping
  • Leak detection and patching
  • Yearly plumbing maintenance

This is just a partial list of our plumbing services, so feel free to reach out and let us know if there’s something else we can address for you. Customer service is our number one priority for all of our service calls to clients living in the Brandon area. We work hard to make sure you get exactly what you need, when you need it! Please contact us today at 941-306-4165 or through our website for assistance or to make an appointment.

$19 Service Calls*