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We find that 44% of our service calls are generated due to lack of maintenance or timely filter replacement by the homeowner.

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Timely and quality filter replacement will:

Save Energy

  • Clean filters lower operating costs

Save Time and Money

  • Equipment lasts longer and breaks down less often
  • Eliminate trips to search for filters at local retailers
  • Order Online, and receive automatic refills when filters need changing

Breathe Easier

  • Professional grade filters sold only by the pros
  • Get the full benefit of your heating and cooling system
  • Other filter products for water, vacuum and more


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Filter FAQs

MERV = Media Efficiency Rating Value: Filter with a MERV rating of 8 or higher are very efficient at filtering out smaller indoor pollutants like mold spores.

WIDTH = Filter width provide more SURFACE AREA, allowing your air conditioning system to breathe more. Be careful of High MERV filters that are only 1” thick. These filters could restrict your system and harm major components.

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