Water Filtration Systems


Water quality is a common concern for many Florida homes. Whether you have well water or city water, there are a host of water concerns that are plaguing residents.

As a result, more and more homeowners are turning to water filtration systems for their homes. The number of synthetic chemicals used during water treatment processes are on the rise due to high demand and a growing populations. Chemicals and run-off filter into our water supply, eventually coming into our homes. Municipalities don’t have the same high standards that we have for our water. While water may be legally considered safe, a high amount of impurities remain and eventually flow from your faucet.

A water filtration system is a sure way to control the purity of the water that you and your family drink, shower and wash your clothes in. A water filtration system will provide many benefits to you and your family such as great tasting and low cost water. Here at Best Home Services, we know all too well how the purchasing of bottled water adds up, especially in Florida where it is hot and we are always seeking clean, convenient water. That is why we offer water filtration systems to our customers.

Hard Water in Southwest Florida

Have you ever noticed that pink ring or scum built up around your faucets or in your shower head? Hard water leaves residue on appliances and leaves your skin and hair feeling dry and brittle. Pure water is often associated with soft, conditioned water.  Conditioned water will leave your fixtures sparkling, your dishes clean, and your skin, hair, and laundry soft and clean.

No matter if you have well water or city water, Best Home Services can provide you with a home water filtration system in Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples, Estero, Cape Coral, Sarasota and beyond. Our technicians arrive in fully stocked and branded vehicles equipped with the right tools needed for your service call. We pride ourselves on fast response, on-time repairs and installations, and quality communication and execution of our services.

Have questions or concerns? No problem! Our team is friendly, patient, and willing to discuss the job in detail so that you understand everything they’re doing and why. Our pricing is always upfront and fair, so you never have to worry about surprises on your bill after the job is complete. Our respect and integrity are part of what makes us the “Best” in the business!

We provide quality water filtration systems for your whole house, reverse osmosis, water softening systems, descalers and aerators, and water ION systems. Please call us today at (239) 284-1472 or (941) 564-0004 if you have questions about the benefits of water filtration for your home.

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