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Expert Plumber in Southwest Florida

BHS deliver superior customer service to our customers. Our plumbers serve Southwest Florida proficiently and honestly, providing needed services to clients in towns and communities throughout the region. We can replace degrading polybutylene pipes and perform whole home re-piping. We also offer 24-hour emergency plumbing and water heaters. Call today.

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What Are Polybutylene Pipes?

From 1978 to 1995, polybutylene pipes were one of the most popular piping materials used in the construction of new homes. Contractors used this inexpensive piping material to turn higher profits. The problem is, polybutylene pipes were also prone to degrade over time. This piping material was promised to be the “pipe of the future,” but ended up being a source of headaches for homeowners. Our region contains a considerable number of homes with this type of piping, which keeps the professional plumbers at BHS busy. We have years of experience rectifying the mistakes of past home builders. Our expertise makes us an excellent source for partial or whole home re-piping as a result of this insufficient plumbing material. So why should you replace your polybutylene pipes? Read below to find out.

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Why Should I Replace My Polybutylene Pipes?

First, before you give BHS a call, try to determine whether your house’s builder used polybutylene when building your house. There’s no one way to do so, but there are several indicators. For instance, underground water mains made from this material are usually blue, but sometimes gray or black. If the underground water mains are black, you’ll want to move on to other potential signs. Check the diameter of the pipes and where they enter the residence. Polybutylene pipes are usually ½ to 1 inch wide and typically come into the house near the water heater.

Chlorine – which found in a lot of drinking water supplies – degrades polybutylene pipes. Chlorine also leads to decreased water quality. It also causes structural damage and even burst pipes. Keep in mind that not all homes with this material are made entirely from it, so a whole home re-piping job is not always necessary. However, if we need to replace all the pipes in your home completely, we can do it.

What Are Signs I Need Whole Home Re-Piping?

Even if someone built your home after the industry phased polybutylene out of building practices, you might someday need to re-pipe your home. There are numerous reasons for this, but one of the most common is corrosion. There are multiple chemicals and particles in drinking water that can degrade the pipes in your home. While water quality machines like water filtration systems are a great way to prevent corrosion and improve your water supply, they might not be enough. Fortunately, you can usually tell whether it’s time to call an expert plumber for a consultation. Contact BHS if:

  • Your water is murky or brown
  • The water in your house tastes badly
  • The water pressure is low or inconsistent
  • Your pipes leak
  • You hear noises coming from the pipes
  • You see visible signs of corrosion
  • Your home is over 50 years old

How Does Whole Home Re-Piping Work?

You might not need whole home re-piping. Sometimes, all BHS needs to do is partially replace the pipes. In that case, we replace damaged sections with new piping. A free consultation with our local plumbers will reveal which option is needed. If you need complete re-piping services for your house, you should do it. Don’t delay, because once piping begins to degrade, the risk of structural collapse or burst pipes increases.

The project’s duration depends on your home’s size and where the pipes are. We make an effort to finish in as little time as possible to avoid inconveniencing you. The whole house re-piping process is:

  • We cover all carpet, furniture, and belongings to protect them from debris and dust.
  • Our professional plumbers create small holes in the walls to locate and replace sections of piping.
  • Then, we fill and patch the holes. We also repaint if necessary, preventing long-term aesthetic damage to your walls.

Contact Best Home Services Today

BHS has a reputation for honesty and thoroughness. We built it on a need to go the extra mile for our Southwest Florida customers. They choose to return to us because we back up our services with great reviews and numerous state and national certifications. Call us today to set up an appointment.