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Comprehensive and Effective Plumbing Solutions

Is your home experiencing a foul sewer odor? Have you noticed an overgrown patch of grass in a certain place in your yard? These are all signs that it may be time for you to have a pipeline video inspection done to determine a solution to your sewer concerns. BHS is the #1 choice southwest Florida and Sarasota for comprehensive and effective plumbing solutions. Harmful chemicals are band-aids for a much larger solution. Our experienced and highly-certified team will help you determine the issue and find a long-lasting solution.

Using the latest tools for sewer inspection, our team can look inside your system to see what’s holding everything up. With the SeeSnake®, a camera snakes through the piping while the video feed can be viewed on a monitor. Not only will we be able to see whether it’s clean or clogged, but we will be able to inspect the condition of the home’s sewer. Recognizing whether or not the material is sturdy or waning is an imperative part of the process!


Sewer Inspections in Southwest Florida and Sarasota

BHS performs video sewer inspections in Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples, Estero, Cape Coral, Sarasota and beyond to uncover and remedy the following issues:

  • A bellied drain line that can cause sewer problems
  • A separated lateral joint causing sewer problems
  • A cracked sewer lateral
  • Debris blockage causing a foul sewage smell
  • Leaking pipe joints
  • Diminishing piping materials

If your system is showing any of the above signs of damage, please call BHS right away. Our team is licensed and insured and we have been in business for over 30 years. A video sewer inspection reveals what issue is causing your sewer and drain symptoms without destruction of your pipes. The depth and exact location of the issue can be identified, thus keeping your repair costs down.

Trusted Sewer Inspections

Homeowners can trust BHS to be the solution to sewage and drain issues. If you’re looking for quality services, give our team a call! We are trained and certified to work on sewer, drains, and home piping. No surprises, no gimmicks, just honest service that you can count on. We are dedicated to complete transparency and even offer written guarantees. There are no guessing games with our plumbing services. From the initial call to follow-up appointments following services, we are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

If you are in need of sewer inspections in southwest Florida or Sarasota, a BHS technician will provide the best solution at the best price. Call 941-306-4165 for more information. Feel free to use our quick and easy scheduling form as well! You can view our available time windows straight from the comfort of your computer chair and select the best time that works for you. If you have an emergency and don’t see time available, give us a call anyway and we will send a technician as soon as possible!