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Best Home Services Delivers Water Heater Installation

BHS has years of experience providing water heaters to Southwest Florida residents and commercial property owners. Your water heater plays a critical role in how well your living space functions. Your quality of life is often tied up in how efficiently your gas or electric water heater functions. From cooking tasks to showering in the morning, a water heater that works makes life easier. Our technicians are equally skilled at water heater repair and installation, and will never recommend complete replacement if a repair resolves the problem. We’re North American Technician Excellence-certified and licensed and insured in the State of Florida. However, you should be aware your hot water heater has an expiration date. Understanding more about these machines will enable you to stay on top of the situation and avoid total catastrophe.

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Do I Need to Repair or Replace My Water Heater?

So when should you repair your water heater and when is it time to replace it altogether? There’s no one answer. Instead, you’ll need to weigh several factors to reach the best conclusion. No matter what you choose, your water heater accounts for 14 percent of your total energy bill. So, you must make the right decision. Consider each of the following factors and use them to make your decision:

Age: The age of your water heater is the element is the most significant factor. Water heaters over ten years are considered old. If yours is over that age, it might be time to replace it. If your unit is over ten years old but works or if it is less than ten years, there are factors to consider.

Efficiency: Keep an eye on your electric or gas bill (depending on how your hot water is powered). If you’ve noticed steadily climbing energy costs, then the water heater could be a contributing factor. Because other issues impact your energy bill, you shouldn’t base your decision solely on your energy bill. It is a valuable metric, though.

Repair Frequency: Follow the 50 percent rule. For instance, if repairs will cost half of the price of a new unit, then it’s best to replace the water heater. One of the reasons for this is once repairs are necessary, they tend to repeat. If the cost is less than 50 percent, then consider repairing the unit instead.

Signs You Need a New Water Heater

Water heater repair isn’t always the best course of action. Our experts tell you with certainty whether you need a new water heater or not. However, you can do some tests on your own. There are some critical warning signs to keep an eye out for if you suspect there is an issue. As your unit grows older – especially if it is over ten years old – you need to be vigilant in keeping up with maintenance. But what are the warning signs of hot water heater failure? There are a few apparent indicators that individuals without plumbing experience can check for:

Rusty Water: Orange or brown water means there is rust somewhere at the source. While the pipes are occasionally at fault, this is usually a result of a rusty water heater tank interior. Rust inside the water heater is not a good thing. Beyond creating unhealthy drinking and cooking water, it also degrades the tank itself. Eventually, if left untreated, the container could burst. Protect your belongings by preemptively replacing the unit.

Noises: Banging, clanging, or any other abnormal noise should not come from your hot water heater. Over time, sediment forms in your hot water. This is especially true with older units or in houses with hard water. Sediment hardens. Once it does, it presents a rupture risk. In the very least, it leads to efficiency problems and higher-than-usual bills.

Leaks or Pooled Water: You need to take a leak coming from your hot water heater seriously. The tank should be tightly sealed at all times. If the hot water is functioning correctly, you should be able to see a completely dry surface around the unit. If you can see moisture or pooled water, give the technicians at BHS a call.

Cold Water: This is the most obvious, but most inconvenient, of all the signs of hot water heater failure. If you have no hot water, then there is an issue with your electric or gas hot water heater.

Benefits of Installing a New Water Heater

If a technician from BHS visited your home and determined the unit needs to be replaced, then the next decision should be which kind of water heater to install. We have a wide array of units available – in both traditional and tankless – styles so that you won’t lack for input or advice. Don’t worry. BHS offers water heaters at several prices. We do our best to work within your budget. Contact us today to get started.