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4 Ways to Save with Energy Efficiency

One of the most important benefits of a new air conditioning system is the considerable energy efficiency savings of the latest technology. Discover how you can save cost and energy by choosing smart units that are doing their part for the environment.

Energy efficient units are saving you money in more ways than one! Check out how you can become a greener, cleaner, and cooler home.

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Highly Efficient Air Conditioners

The latest high-efficiency systems can almost cut the running costs of older systems in half. Picture those saving years after year! Energy efficiency is not just the way of the future, it’s an all around benefit from your wallet to the green, grassy outdoors. The HVAC industry has taken note of the latest wave of energy efficient products and have adapted manufacturing to reflect it.

The efficiency of air conditioning systems is expressed as its SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Essentially, the higher the rating the more efficient the system. For example, a 19.5 SEER would have almost half the running costs of a typical 15 year old, 10.5 SEER system. While air conditioning systems with high SEER ratings may be a little pricier, the benefits and lifetime costs are well worth the value.

BHS is helping you keep cool while saving big bucks. Check out our AC rebates and financing opportunities!

Professional, Energy Efficient Installations

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stresses that professional installations from expert air conditioning contractors is vital to realize the wide scope of efficiency savings.  The SEER rating is a laboratory rating, it requires expert planning and installation to equate the efficiency in your actual home. BHS is fully licensed and insured, and is already the trusted choice in thousands of Southwest Florida homes for over 30 years. All of our technicians are full-time, professionally certified technicians. We make sure our employees participate in ongoing training to ensure they never stop learning and improving. Among these certifications are:

  • Nexstar Service System certification
  • N.A.T.E. Certification
  • EPA Certification
  • State licensed and insured

Rest assured that BHS installations will lead to the highest level of energy efficiency in your home!

Digital Programmable Thermostat

Everything’s going digital these days, even thermostats! Invest in one of the simplest ways to save with a digital programmable thermostat. These digital gifts schedule your home’s cooling so that it only runs when it needs to. Set your AC to run all day or specific hours. You can set it by the hour to maximize your savings without sacrificing comfort. Most energy is wasted while you’re not even home. Give your AC a much deserved break and switch it off while you’re at work to maximize energy efficiency.

The latest thermostats have all the gadgets and features you would find on your smart phone. Manage your comfort on-the-go, via an app, even remotely! We believe in adapting with the times, not working against them. A digital shift has created sustainable, efficient alternatives to even the most common household appliances.

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Home Zoning

Another way to save is to consider home zoning, which can enable everyone in the home to select their own preferred comfort level. Best of all, if there’s a part of the home which is used less, or at particular parts of the day, that zone can be run on a lower setting to save energy. For example, you could run cooling lightly in only the bedrooms at night, but turn off the unused living areas. Additionally, you can decide to leave the cooling in bedrooms to start later in the day.

With home zoning, your comfort is set to your standards. No more fighting over the thermostat! Enjoy cool, comfortable temperatures just the way you like it, every time.

Becoming Energy Efficient in Southwest Florida

BHS is all about comfort. We firmly believe that comfort can come at an affordable price. Contact our offices to discuss how energy efficiency can transform your monthly costs and decrease your energy use.

If you have any questions for our team, give us call at 941-306-4165 to speak with the specialists from BHS today. Enjoy great service without the gimmicks, guaranteed.